The Korean digital music market is dominated by domestic platforms (think of Korean versions of Spotify or Pandora) reliant on major-driven distribution networks, complicating entry into one of the largest markets. We are here to help with our direct distribution channel and marketing catered to Korea. We ensure your music gets HEARD and PROMOTED so you can widen your reach and begin capitalizing on new opportunities.

Our distribution services in Korea include: 



+ Digital Distribution

  • Digital distribution of your music to all major Korean streaming services and online stores
  • Promotion of your videos and viral contents to Korean blogs, online music communities, video-sharing sites and social media
  • Management of the registration and censorship review process, both of which are required to undertake before your music can play on Korean television broadcasting or radio networks

+ Physical Distribution

  • Physical distribution that focuses on exclusivity with our local boutique retail partners
  • Mailorder fulfillment service and complementary e-commerce presence in Korea

+ Marketing

  • Creation of central online presence in Korea for cohesive fan engagement
  • SEO generation specifically for Korean search engines and music identification apps
  • Strategic playlist placements on radio stations and in other outlets
  • Niche targeting through collective blitz on social media and online music communities